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Madadd is a Healthcare Platform, ensuring timely accessibility to healthcare service available in the market. We have established a wide network of Hospitals, Healthcare professionals, organizations and companies to provide you the best care. From Booking a doctor’s appointment to taking care of your medical needs, Madadd will be with you throughout the process.Madadd focuses on providing high-quality consumer experience by establishing the right mix of digital and on-ground touch points for you. You can book an appointment through our website or get in touch with our Madadd community representative.

Our goal is to capture and retain your attention by providing a consistent premier customer experience and customized best-in-class healthcare solutions. We have built a strong network of partners to address all your needs through one platform. We use a custom-made, secure health IT system to meet all your needs.


Our Mission is to provide the healthcare services through the most efficient and professional technology and human resources


Empathetic People

Efficient systems

Proactive response

Consistent Quality

Cost transparency


Our Vision is One stop solution to all kinds of healthcare and related services


Networks Build For Impact People

Security (include with better working)

Partnerships made to last

Solutions for long term Constant Evolution


Madadd is a thought, shaped to offer a platform for Healthcare Service providers and Patient care takers solutions nationwide. Madadd goal at healthcare service is to work with the elite team of Healthcare Professionals and health care Managers to deliver the best Healthcare Services to humanity.

Madadd is at a mission of continuously improve healthcare Services for the public. In collaboration with our best available healthcare panelists and other stakeholders providing us with their products/services related to healthcare. Madadd at healthcare service is rousing and setting new standards in providing safe and effective care of the highest quality and value.

General Standard

All Madadd Healthcare Professionals and Health Care Managers, should practice and conduct their duties in a manner that reflects the high standards of professional, personal behavior and ethics. The following set of standards are to inform and guide all Madadd Professional team assigned on field

  • Madadd Healthcare Professional and Health Care Managers are to render care in a way that enhances the personal dignity and rights of every patient.

  • Patients are dealt with equally and fairly basis, without any discrimination of cast, color, religion etc

  • Any sort of abusive, disrespectful, threatening, demeaning language resulting in violation or compromising patients’ confidentiality, can result in immediate termination.

  • Interactions with all the hospitals, patients, visitors, employees, physicians, vendors etc. must be conducted in a courteous and professional manner at all times ensuring that Madadd healthcare is always presented in a most favorable light.

  • Appropriate behavior and language should be used at all times when a Madadd Representative is at client’s facility or at any patient’s care premises either private or public.

  • Associating, socializing or greeting patients or patients’ family outside the assigned facility area is unacceptable.

Madadd Healthcare Manager

The Health Care Manager is primarily responsible to assist patients and other medical and administrative staff in obtaining services, understanding policies and making healthcare decisions. This includes obtaining and maintaining medical history from patients and also acquires effective customer services to patients and other medical facilities providers on Contact Centers or at Madadd Health Care Centers. Following duties and responsibilities includes but not limited to:

  • Explain procedures or services to patients via calls or patients visit at our Healthcare Centre, by means of medical and administrative knowledge.

  • Maintain all patients’ data into Electronic Medical Record with in time, prior to patient’s appointment with Health Care Professional.

  • Interact with patients or representatives to identify problems and refer patients to appropriate Healthcare Professional or resource.

  • Assist other team members of the Patient care Management Centre and others Healthcare staff members as required.

  • Coordinate and communicate with patients to obtain accurate medical history, prior to their scheduled appointments.

  • Schedule / Reschedule patients appointments and/or confirm follow up appointments as required and send notifications.

  • Screening and routing patients queries to other departments efficiently, ensuring accurate registration, appointment schedule and follow up appointments in data base.

  • Assist and send notifications to patients regarding prescribed medication and /or further medical labs , follow ups etc.. as directed by Healthcare Professional.

Patient Care Representatives

Patient Care Attendants / Assistants play a dynamic role as a supporting staff in Health Care service, by providing basic medical aid and personal care to the patients who are unable to take care or perform daily routine activities.This includes taking care of elderly, seriously ill, disabled or otherwise impaired etc. Whether working at hospitals , medical centers or at patients premises.

  • In addition to this, It is also responsible for providing observatory report of the patients for further medical treatments

  • Patient Care Attendants / Assistants may work on a part time or full time basis or in a varied schedule of 24 hours, depending on the needs and requirements of the patients.

  • Transporting patients to and from home or hospital when required.